School for the Deaf

Mulago School for the Deaf 
Mulago School for the Deaf, formery known as Parents of Deaf Children Association was founded by Fr. Hurry Tullemans in 1998. It started as a kindergarten for Uganda School for the Deaf, Ntinda. As the number grew, the Uganda School for the Deaf was not able to take all the pupils from Mulago School for the Deaf. At first, the school was conducted in a tree shade near the Fathers’ House but later permanent structures were put in place. The first two pupils were Dorothy Nalutaaya and Juliet Nampeewo. The school had two teachers Mr. O. Victor and Ms. Masturah Suleiman, who served as head teacher until 2009.


The new classrooms and dormitory were built by Fr. Gerard Nnamunga in 2004 thanks to donations from AIDLINK Ireland who financed half of the project. Other donations came from the Missionary Childhood, Rome, Holy Ghost Fathers, Scotland and World Mercy, Ireland.
Due to an ever increasing number of applications the school needs more structures. One of the problems the School faces is the reluctance of parents to pay school fees. There School conducts courses for the parents to learn sign language so that they can communicate with their children and also to sensitize them the importance of educating their children. 
It is now a boarding school for kindergarten and primary pupils. The school has more than 187 pupils 100 of whom are boarders. Since 2005, pupils at the completion of their 7 years of primary school sit for Primary Leaving Exams.