Mulago Parish

 Parish Priest: Fr. Martin Andama CSSp.
Assistant: Fr. Kayemba Damasius CSSp.
Adddress: Box 3807 Kampala, Uganda
Spiritans at Mulago Parish
The Holy Spirit missionaries were given Mulago Parish in Kampala Archdiocese in 1982. Fr. George Crocenzi was appointed parish priest. He was assisted by deacon John Mwenga. Fr. Crocenzi R.I.P. is still remembered for his hard work. He was the Chaplain of Mulago Hospital as well as the Parish Priest of Mulago Parish. After the departure of  Deacon Mwenga, Fr. Des O’Sullivan assisted him briefly. Later Fr. Anthony Darragh was assigned to Mulago. He is most remembered for developing Kamwokya Sub-Parish into a parish. When Festo  Adrabo was ordained a priest in 1986, his first appointment was Mulago Parish where he worked for seven years and replaced Fr. Crocenzi as parish priest in 1988. It was during his time that the presbytery was built. Fr. Festo was replaced by Fr. Felix Kauta R.I.P. as parish priest in 1993. The following year, Spiritans were entrusted with the pastoral care of Naddangira  parish where Fr. Peter Suttle was appointed parish priest assisted by Fr. Nestor Ngolle. After working there for one year, the Spiritans moved out of Naddangira and Frs. Suttle and Ngolle took over the pastoral care of Mulago parish in 1995 as parish priest and assistant parish priest respectively. In their ministry at Naddangira, they built there a dispensary. Fr. Nestor Ngolle took over as the parish priest when Fr. Peter left Uganda. He was replaced by Fr. Shio Joseph in 1998. Fr. Shio built St. Joseph Mulago Community Centre. Mpererwe sub parish which was part of Jjinja Karoli Parish was added to Mulago Parish. He was replaced by Fr. Gerard Nnamunga is September 2002 who saw the expansion of Mulago School for the Deaf to a boarding school. Fr. Bukenya Dennis took over from Fr. Nnamunga in August 2006. Fr. Martin Andama is currently the parish priest as of January 8, 2010.
Most of the pastoral activity, is sacramental ministry. The Spiritans at Mulago have concentrated on the building and strengthening of Small Christian Communities, inter-religious dialogue and the youth apostolate. The parish has a Vocational Training Centre which provides practical skills in tailoring, handcraft, computer science and catering to mainly school drop out girls. There is also a lot of pastoral activity directed towards people living with HIV/AIDS. The parish has a deaf school, Mulago School for the Deaf which is a primary school.

Mulago Catholic Parish is located in one of the suburbs north of the capital city Kampala, Uganda. Mulago used to be a sub parish of Nsambya parish and the first Church was located along Tufnell Drive in Kamwokya. The sub parish was served by the late Fr. Fink, a Mill Hill missionary residing at Nsambya Parish. On 17th August, 1946 the late Fr. John Ssemanda joined Fr. Fink in serving this area as well as the Hospital known as Mulago Junior Hospital by then. Mulago sub parish extended to Kigoowa, Kyebando and Kalerwe. Mr. Bagunywa Gabriel who was the first Catechist. He assisted by Zzeziwe Lugoloobi, Zziwa and Damiano Bulasa (86) who has survived to tell the tale.

Fr. Ssemanda transformed Mulago Sub Parish into a Parish. The original Church at the Tufnell Drive was taken over by the government which gave financial assistance to construct a new one which now houses Mulago Vocational Training Centre. Bishop Billington introduced Fr. Ssemanda as the first parish priest on Sunday, January 20th 1956. The next day, he founded St. Martin Primary School.

As the number of Christians increased, there was a need to build a bigger Church. Luckily enough, Fr. Doll who became a priest after loosing his wife, donated money to construct a new Church, the present day Parish Church, which was completed in 1972. Fr. Ssemanda was transferred to Nsambya in 1973. Since then, Mulago Parish had the following parish priests before it was handed over to the Spiritans: Frs: Joseph Kizza (R.I.P), David Kasole (R.I.P) and Ssessanga.

The parish was handed over by the late Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga to the Spiritans in 1983 with Fr. George Crocenzi CSSp. as the parish priest. Since then the following Spiritan parish priests have served the parish: Frs. Festo Adrabo, Felix Singe (R.I.P.), Peter Suttle, Nestory Ngolle, Joseph Shio, Gerard Majella Nnamunga and Dennis Bukenya. The parish has seen a number of developments. Kamwokya, one of its sub parishes became a parish in 1994. In 2000, Mpererwe sub parish was added to Mulago parish. At present, Mulago parish has six sub parishes.

Parish Activities

Most of the activity of the parish is centered around Mulago Parish Church where there is the presbytery and main offices of the parish. The parish executive meets once every fortnight. There are many groups in the parish: the women’s guild, the men’s guild, the youth … all of which have representatives at the parish executive. The most active is the youth group which has won many trophies in music, dance and drama at the diocesan level.

Due to cultural diversity, there are basically three communities each representing a language group. There are two Masses in Luganda on Sunday at the main parish church. The Luganda community is represented by St. Theresa Community which is responsible for the first Sunday Mass at and St. Donozio community which is responsible for the 11.30 a.m. Sunday Mass. Luganda is also the official language of the Archdiocese of Kampala. The English speaking community is called St. Peter Claver community. It was officially recognized as a Community in 2001. The members of this community come from far and wide even outside the geographical boundaries of the parish. They have one Mass on Sunday in English. St. Paul community is a Bafumbira Community, was granted Rufumbira Mass in October 1983. Rufumbira is a language similar to Rwandese. Members of this community come from Rukungiri district on the border with Rwanda. They have one Mass on Sunday.


“From the liturgy, therefore, and especially from the Eucharist, as from a fountain, grace is channeled into us; and the sanctification of men in Christ and the glorification of God, to which all other activities of the Church are directed as toward their goal, are most powerfully achieved.” (Vat II, SC 10).

Mulago Parish has taken a gigantic step to focus on the Liturgy as Vat II is calling us to do. The parish can be described as a ‘sacramental parish’ because of the sacramental activity that takes place in the parish.

There are 4 daily Masses and 11 Sunday Masses.

Mulago Parish Church: Daily: 6.45am  Luganda
Sunday: 7.00am - Luganda, 8.30am - Rufumbira, 10.00am –English and 11.30am -Luganda.

Our Lady of the Rosary, Mpererwe: Daily: 5pm – Luganda.
Sunday: 9.00am - Luganda.

St. Peter’s Kanyanya: Daily 7.00 am – Luganda
Sunday 7.00am- Luganda, 9.00am -English.

St. Thomas Aquinas, Kyebando: Daily – 8.00 – Luganda
Sunday: 7.30 am – English and - Luganda

St. Jude Thaddeus, Wandegeya: Sunday – 11.00 am - Luganda

Uganda Martyrs, Kavule: Sunday: – 7am - Luganda

Parish Schools

Mulago parish has four Catholic Church founded schools:Mulago School for the Deaf, St. Martin Primary School, Mulago Vocational Training Center and St. Peter’s Kanyanya. These schools have Mass Friday. There are also a number of schools founded by Catholics which have regular Masses on Friday.
Sub Parishes
St. Peter's Kanyanya
Kanyanya sub parish is the biggest of all sub parishes of Mulago parish, both geographically and in the number of Christians. It was established as early as 1920 and was part of Gayaza parish until it became part of Mulago Parish in August, 1989. The land on which the church is built was donated by Nnamasole (mother of the King) who resides in this sub-parish. The present Church’s foundation was laid in 1980. The Christians have been struggled to build it from their own resources until they were aided by Mission Germany to roof it. It can house about 2,000 people. On Sundays, the church is full to capacity.At the moment the Christians are doing internal furbishing, building a permanent altar and tiling the floor as well as buying chairs and pews. The catechist Mr. Ereneo Basigalira has been serving this community for more than 25 years. The sub-parish has 16 Small Christian Communities (SCC). Each community has a leadership team and is represented at the sub-parish level. Recently, the sub-parish got a new sub-parish executive which is committed to building a fathers’ house which is a prerequisite for a parish. The sub-parish has a Catholic founded school, St. Peter’s Primary School, Kanyanya.
St. Thomas Aquinas, Kyebando
This is the second biggest Sub Parish in Mulago Parish. St. Thomas Aquinas, Kyebando sub-parish was established in 1964 as part of Mulago parish. The land on which the present church was built was donated by Nnamasole. The present church was officially opened in April 2004 by the Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda, Archbishop Christopher Pierre. The Church has a capacity of about 1,500 people. Mr. Mukasa is the catechist of this sub-parish.
Uganda Martyrs' Kavule
Was established in 1976 as part of Mulago. It has a very big market. Many people live in slums. It gets flooded during heavy rains. Imelda Nnakalema is the catechist of this sub-parish.St. Thomas Aquinas, Kyebando sub-parish was established in 1964 as part of Mulago parish. The land on which the present church was built was donated by Nnamasole. The present church was officially opened in April 2004 by the Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda, Archbishop Christopher Pierre. The Church has a capacity of about 1,500 people. Mr. Mukasa is the catechist of this sub-parish.

St. Jude Thaddeus, Wandegeya Sub Parish

Was part of Central Mulago before it became a sub-parish in 1975. It has many slum dwellers. It has many hostels for students at Makerere University, the biggest in the country. The catechist is Mr. Byaruhanga.
Our Lady of Rosary, Mpererwe

This sub-parish was founded in 1983 as part of Jjinja Karoli Parish. It was added to Mulago parish in March 2000. At the moment the Christians are raising funds to roof their church which will accommodate about 2,000 people. The catechist is Mrs. Josephine Mugerwa. She has served this community for 25 years.