Mulago Chaplaincy


Chaplain: Fr. Peter Mulyanga CSSp

Assistants: Fr.Peter Kofi Buor CSSp and Fr. Waiga Vincent CSSp



St. Joseph’s Mulago Chaplaincy,

P.O. Box 36983, Kampala-Uganda

 E-Mail :



Daily: Mon – Sat: 7:15 am and 1:00 pm.

Sunday: 7.30 am – Luganda, 9.30 am – English and 11:30 - Runyakitara.


Mulago Hospital is the biggest hospital in Uganda. It was a donation by the British government to Uganda at the end of colonialism. It has more than 1,760 beds. In Uganda, people normally accompany their beloved ones to the sickbed. Hence, on average, the population of this hospital including staff is more than 7,000 people.  

In the beginning, the pastoral care of the hospital was under Mulago Parish. When the Spiritans moved to Mulago parish in 1983, they also took charge of Mulago hospital but later the work was too much for the priests at the parish. A separate chaplaincy with a Chapel was built.

This ministry is still under the Spiritans even though in the early and middle 90s they pulled out for lack of personnel. The Spiritans resumed ministry in this hospital in 1997. Fr. Harry Tullemans did ministry there for two years before he handed over to Fr. Festo Adrabo in 1999. Fr. Festo was replaced by Fr. Charles Walimbwa as chaplain in 2006. In 2007, Fr. Martin Andama took over as chaplain assisted by Fr. Nicholas Kerebba. In January 2010, Fr. Martin was transferred to Mulago Parish and he was replaced by Fr. Peter Mulyanga. Fr. Nicholas Kerebba was transferred to Moroto diocese. 
“I was sick, you visited me.” (Mtt 25: 35). The main ministry involves the visitation of the sick. This is a very tedious ministry. The two priests always find themselves overwhelmed by the work.



·         Pastoral Health care ministry

·         Youth Ministry, ministering to the youth at St. Gonzaga Gonza of Mulago School of Nursing and midwifery.  St. Elizabeth Catholic Community of the Uganda Institute of the Allied Health and Science Management (i.e. Former Paramedical School).

·         Legion of Mary of Lay and Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Visitation of the Sick

·         Every day on personal initiative

·         Whenever there is emergency

·         The apparent  programme is referring to the lists of the sick written on the record book

·         There is a problem of visiting the sick in morning hours due to: i) ward round by the health care providers. ii) Students on internship are always doing their training and sometimes are in exams.

Other Masses

·         Wednesdays there is Mass for Students of St. Elizabeth and St. Gongaga Gonza at 5 pm.

·         Thursdays there  is Mass after the Benediction at 6:00pm



·         Every week, 1:45 pm -5pm - Mon – Fri

·         Thursday afternoon there is adoration accompanied by benediction.