Kambuga Parish




Parish Priest: Fr. Kamoga John Bosco CSSp

Assistant: Fr. Fidelis Ifeanyi Chibuzo CSSp                                               

Address: St. John the Baptist,

Kambuga Parish,

P.O. Box 220,


Tel: +256-758613741




St John the Baptist Catholic Parish Kambuga was an outstation of the neighboring Makiro Parish until 1982 when it was given a Parish status by the Verona [Comboni] Fathers. It is situated in one of the remotest and under developed parts of the country. However, it is heavily populated, with over 16,000 Catholics, spread out in 19 outstations, the furthest being 12 kilometers from the main parish. Originally, the parish had up to 30 outstations but it has since gone on to produce another parish, St. Joseph’s Catholic Parish Nyamirama. The parish was handed over to the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit in 2010. There are catechists in each outstation, but the head catechist is called Mr. Owomugisha Matayo. There is a parish council first constituted on 29th May 2011. The parish feast day is on 24th June, the day of St. John the Baptist. Every first Saturday of the month there is a Mass for all the groups of piety in the parish starting 9:30a.m.



The parish is located 432 kilometers from the capital city of Uganda, Kampala, and is found in Kabale diocese, Mbarara Archdiocese in western Uganda. It is in Kanungu district, Kinkizi west county, Kambuga sub-county.


On the 7th of November 2010, Frs. John Bosco Kamoga, C.S.Sp. and Fidelis Ifeanyi Chibuzo, C.S.Sp. were commissioned to start Spiritan presence in Kabale diocese. Since their arrival at Kambuga, the Spiritans are involved in the general pastoral care of souls through celebration of the sacraments and the preaching of the Word of God. They also serve as chaplains in Catholic founded primary and secondary schools in the parish. Masses in all schools normally start at 4 p.m. Since the parish is also near the government referral hospital in the district, they also from time to time get called upon to provide services to the sick admitted to the hospital. Visitation of the sick is normally done with the organization of the catechist who calls the priest any time there is need. In this venture of doing God’s work in this parish, the Spiritans team up with the Brothers of Christian Instruction who run Bishop Comboni College, and Fatima Sisters who  work in the same school and also in the primary school at the parish.



Masses: Daily – 7:00 am.

Sunday: 7.30 am and 9.30 am during holidays.

School Times: 8:30a.m and 10:30a.m in English and Rukiga respectively.

Outstations in the parish and the institutions

In the outstations the Masses are not having fixed times since they keep on changing depending on the available time. However, the services led by the catechists  normally start at 10:30a.m and they are listed below:


1)      St. John the Baptist Nyakashozi

This one is hosting the parish center and is the largest outstation. It has in it, two secondary schools which are church founded but one is now a government aided school, but run by the Brothers of Christian Instruction, while the other is a purely private girls’ secondary school. We also have two primary schools, one now a UPE school, while the other is private.

2)      St. Kizito Kibale out station is found about six kilometers away from the parish and it also has a church school running from nursery to primary 2.

3)      St. Jude Thaddeus Kambuga out station, about 4 kilometers away from the parish.

4)      St. Joseph’s Kitibiri out station, which is up to 8 kilometers away from the parish and it has a church school as well, and hosts the diocesan farm for goats.


5)      St. Jude Thaddeus Bugongi outstation which is a Eucahristic center and has in it both a secondary school; Bishop Callist mixed secondary school, class one to four, and then a UPE catholic founded primary school, Bugongi Primary school.

6)      St. Deogratious Rushebeya outstation is located 8 kilometers away from the parish and it also has a church school running from nursery to primary four.

7)      St. Cyprian Buziniro outstation is about 6 kilometers away from the parish and it too has a church school from nursery to primary two.

8)      St. James Nyabyondo outstation is one of the furthest from the parish and borders Nyamirama parish, and it is hosting another primary school starting from nursery to primary six, and when a child completes primary six, they are sent to other schools since ours in not registered and has no facilities to allow us start the process.

9)      St. Joseph’s Enengo Outstation is nine kilometers away from the parish and it too has a primary school going up to primary six, hosted in structures made out of reeds and mud as well as thatching grass.

10)  St. Joseph’s Nyarurambi outstation is located 9kilometers away from the parish and it also has a catholic founded primary school which however is now under the UPE system. It runs up to primary six, and next year we hope to start class seven.

11)  St. Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe Rutooma outstation is another Eucharistic center sitting at 6 kilometers from the parish center and hosting both, a private secondary school for both girls and boys, senior 1-4, day scholars, called St. Charles Lwanga Secondary school, and then a UPE primary school which goes up to primary seven, Zorooma primary school.

12)  St. Peter Kicobe outstation is a good 11 kilometers away from the parish having a primary school now under the UPE system running up to primary 7.

13)  St. Kizito Kashayo outstation is 14 kilometers away from the parish and it too hosts a church founded but now UPE primary school going on up to primary seven, Rwere Primary school.

14)  St. Andrea Kaggwa outstation Rwere is 10 kilometers away from the parish, it hosts a church school which however is being phased out, as well as health center III, aided by the government in some little way.

15)  St. Francis outstation and Eucharistic center Zorooma. This one has another former church school now turned UPE, Kagashe Primary school which goes up to primary seven.

16)  St. Andrew’s Runyeganyegye outstation is 8 kilometers away from the parish and has a church school running from nursery to primary three.

17)  St. Charles Bwanga outstation is found 9 kilometers away from the parish center and apart from having a UPE catholic founded primary school going up to primary 5, it also hosts the parish land where 30 acres of tea have been planted to try to get an income generating activity for the parish.

18)  St. Peter Kakoni outstation, the poorest and least populated outstation, having nothing much to rely on, not even farming land. They are about 7 kilometers from the parish center.

19)  St. Paul Kashuri outstation, the second poorest and the last outstation before one enters Makiro parish. It boosts of a church school from Nursery to primary two. It is 10 kilometers away from the parish center and it too has very little land.



We are positioning ourselves as ambassadors of peace, preaching a gospel of peace, respect and tolerance among religions instead of confrontation and despising each other.

So far, the work of the Spiritans has been very well been appreciated and the people are commending the Spiritans very much in Kambuga, and surely, if the momentum is kept, the sky will be the limit.

Cor unum et anima Una