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St. Austin, Nairobi, Kenya




On May 31st 1899, the Uganda railway or ‘iron snake’ reached Uaso Nairobi “cold stream”. This railway facilitated movement. On Saturday, August 12, 1899, Holy Ghost Missionaries; Bishop Emile Allgeyer, Fr. Alain Hémery and Br. Blanchard Dillenseger arrived at St. Austin. The following day, they had their first Mass. The missionaries also secured land from a local chief Mzundo to build another church, the site of Holy Family cathedral. The Spiritan missionaries did not only plant the word of God but also they planted coffee, the mocha coffee which flourished in the highlands. Already, it had been grown at Holy Ghost missions in Kilimanjaro with great success. Although coffee had grown in the wild for many years earlier, St. Austin mission is regarded as the birthplace of coffee in Kenya.  


Meanwhile the foundation stone of St. Austin’s church was laid on April 20, 1913.

At St. Austin that where Fr. Damas Kayemba CSSp. of the Uganda Foundation has been working since his ordination in 2007.