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Mission in France


Mission France

There are two priests working in France and these are:
Fr.  Angelo Okwai-Rwoth CSSp

So what is our work in the school?

In the school we are four priests, from Congo Brazzaville, Poland, France and me from Uganda. Therefore, we are responsible for all the sacramental work in the school and all other spiritual activities like organizing pilgrimage, religious Education, youth conferences, and try to be with these children because most of them are children with difficult history. Some have experienced divorce of their parents, domestic violence, sexual abuse, street kids, they are wounded, they need people to listen to them, so we are available to their service, listening to them, advise them and try to be with them to fit them in the community to be accepted and accept others.

A Brief History of the Foundation of Auteuil.


The foundation of Auteuil was started in 1866. Between 1866 - 1895: L'Abbé Roussel started the « based Orphan Apprentices of Auteuil » [7] It was Concerned with the plight of orphans in Paris. Abbé Roussel in March 19, 1866 founded and started the implementation of the First Community with the first six street children. He settled on the same day with the abandoned street children at, 40 rue Jean de La Fontaine, in the district of Auteuil in Paris, in a house he bought with 2000 francs given by the Archbishop of Paris, Mgr Darboy.


In his original Idea he  wanted every child is welcomed, cared for, learn to read and write, to receive a Christian education and a job. However, the number of orphans was increasing rapidly. Ten years after the begining of his Work there were 200 children who were educated each year.

Nevertheless, The 1870 war triple the number of orphans in Paris, the economic situation was so  tough, and difficult to place young people in learning enviroment.


In July 1871, Louis Roussel decided to open an independent workshops to educate orphans and teach them with the business skills. In that situation, the Orphan Apprentices of Auteuil was born. They illustrated particularly business skills in printing weekly newspaper, La France.


However, L'Abbé Roussel retired in May 1895 and died January 11, 1897.

In 1890, the Foundation had a  big financial problems. On 1 May 1895, Father Daniel Fontaine arrives at Auteuil, succeeding Father Roussel. He managed to solve the financial problems and finding solutions to monetize the vocational school.


However, Something important to not is that, the foundation of auteuil was not originally started by the congregation of the Holy Ghost, however it was founded by Fr. Russel who was under the diocese of Paris. But because by that time, the diocese of Paris had no personnel to run the foundation, after the death of Fr. Russel, they decided to ask the spiritan father to take over the project of the foundation.


But the question that remains to be answered is, why did they choose the Spiritan fathers to take over the foundation ? Simply it was because the apostolate was in line with our Charism. Therefore, Fr. Brottier was charged with the responsibility to continue the work by the then superior general.  Since that  year up to date the congregation is involved in this ministry.


Today we have about 300 different establishment of the foundation of Auteuil around the world, with majority in France, and we have about 14-13 thousand students in general, and of course about 25 spiritans confreres work with the foundation.



Fr. Daniel Muhame CSSp

I am working in the diocese of Valence in the south part of France. Something particular in this Diocese is that during the schism in the church, Pope Pius V1 came to France and died in our cathedral. A year after, his body was removed from this cathedral and taken to Rome for burial.

In this diocese, I am appointed to two parishes namely: Nôtre Dame des peuples  and St. Emilian. It should be noted here that the two names mentioned above are not for buildings but they are for a group of Parishes put together. For example, due to shortage of priests in this part of the world, seven parishes are put together to form one parish and are given a name Nôtre Dame des Peuples. Other six parishes are put together and given a name St. Emilian. These are not physical addresses, therefore, there is no address that is awarded to any of the two parishes or names mentioned above because each Parish retains its proper name. The names are just formed just for the purposes of easy administration and coverage of the parishes under one name. Here, I can comfortable say that I am working in thirteen parishes!!!

This situation can make one wonder how the ministry goes on in this place. Indeed, it is not easy at all but the joy of the Lord is our strength. I celebrate Masses on a daily basis in different churches. Sundays are always the “worst” days for me as I am obliged to connect to many “parishes” under the two names mentioned above within a given schedule that must be respected for the smooth running of the ministry.

That aside, I am the Diocesan youth chaplain. In this chaplaincy, I welcome all young people, Christians and non-Christians alike.  I am also the chaplain of Scouts and Guides in the Diocese. I am the priest responsibly for the JOC, a group that is concerned with the youth workers in the Diocese.  I am a chaplain of one of the houses of the aged called VillathaÏs. I visit the town hospital for Masses of the sick. I am one of the founders of an international choir known as “All Countries’ choir” whose branch is in a town Romain nearby Valence where I live. With these choirs, we sing in different languages and it is very enriching.

I live in a Spiritan community called Jaque Laval.