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Center for Spiritan Studies

Center for Spiritan Studies (CSS), Duquesne University
Fr. Gerard M. Nnamunga CSSp. at CSS

Inaugurated in 2005, the Center for Spiritan Studies (CSS) is a collaborative project between the Congregation of the Holy Spirit and Duquesne University. The purpose of CSS is to promote research into Spiritan history, tradition and spirituality with a view to fostering creative fidelity to the Spiritan charism, through a partnership between professed Spiritans, Spiritan Lay Associates and their collaborators.

The Center has achieved the following:

  • Two students are doing specialized studies in Spiritan history and Spirituality. They are: Frs, Gerard Nnamunga (Uganda) and Chike (Nigeria).
  • The digital collection is available on line. It includes the following:
  • Notes et Documents Relatifs à la vie et à l'Oeuvre du Vénérable François-Marie-Paul Libermann (French) -- 16 volumes of the writings of the Congregation's co-founder, Venerable Francis Libermann.
  • Bulletin Général (French/English) -- Chronicle of the Spiritan Congregation from 1874-1975.
  • Spiritan Papers -- Volumes 1-21 of Spiritan Papers, a publication of the Spiritan Studies Group.
  • Spiritan Articles (English/French) -- A collection of 70 articles
  • Spiritan Books -- The full-text of Le Feu sur la Terre and Where are you?
  • Spiritan Presentations (English/French) -- A collection of writings on Spiritan topics.
  • Spiritan Writings (English/French) -- Various letters and other writings related to the Spiritan Congregation.
  • Spiritan Horizons. It is published by the Center to further research into history and tradition of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit.

The Director of the Center is Fr. Bernard Kelly CSSp. from the TransCanada Province. He is assisted by Fr. Gerard M. Nnamunga CSSp. from the Uganda Foundation.

For further information please visit: www.duq.edu/spiritans