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Ministries Ad Extra

Mission Ad Extra

Mission ad extra refers to mission done outside Uganda. Being a young foundation we have no ministry of our own. Our mission ad is done in collaboration with the entire Congregation and also taking into consideration the vision of the Union of Circumscriptions of Eastern Africa (UCEAF). At the moment a lot of attention is put on the mission ad intra so that we can build a solid background at home which cab used to get vacations and also to build up administrative structures. Nevertheless we have some confreres doing ministry outside Uganda.

1.     Sierra Leone: Our Lady of Victories Parish Gerihun, Archdiocese of Freetown& Bo.
Fr. Vincent A. Waiga has been doing in this ministry since his ordination in 2003. He is the parish priest of this huge and old parish which has 32 outstations and 25 Roman Catholic founded schools. He is involved in sacramental ministry as well as youth ministry. There is also some primary evangelization and Christian and Muslim dialogue.

2.    Tanzania: We have two confreres there. Peter Mulyanga is involved in evangelization of the Maasai at Engikarret, Arusha Archdiocese. Gervase Birungi is at Mbokomu parish in Moshi Diocese.

3.     Canada: Fr. Ngobi John is doing his PhD in sociology as well as some teaching at Ottawa University.

4.     USA: Fr. Gerald A. Kasule is doing school ministry in Baltimore Archdiocese.

5.     USA: Duquesne University: Fr. Gerard M. Nnamunga is doing a PhD in theology at the University of the Holy Spirit, Duquesne University. He is also working at the Center for Spiritan Studies. This Center was opened in 2005 as a joint venture between the University and the Spiritan Congregation. The following are its objectives:
a)     Prepare a new generation of Congregational experts in Spiritan history and spirituality
b)     Encourage the inculturation of the Spiritan charism, particularly in Africa and Latin America, where the Congregation is rapidly expanding
c)    Develop publications and other appropriate materials to train professed Spiritans and Spiritan Lay Associates to meet the demands of contemporary mission
d)    Organize workshops, seminars and courses to ensure the continuity of the Spiritan ethos in educational institutions founded by Spiritans and operated today by Spiritans and lay people in partnership.
e)    Promote Spiritan spirituality in the contemporary world.
f)     Collect Spiritan resources and make them available to a wider audience through the internet.

Ministries Ad Extra