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Spiritan Lay Associates

Spiritan Associates

“Spiritan laity are a branch of the Spiritan tree”

Among the lay people who relate to the Congregation, there are different levels of belonging to the ‘Spiritan Family’. Depending on their spiritual closeness and their missionary commitment, we can identify:

  • the friends of Spiritans who are collaborators in our mission in various ways;
  • lay people who feel attracted by the spirituality of our founders and by our mission and belong to prayer and reflection groups; concretely, the members of Spiritan fraternities and Spiritan missionary groups;
  • ‘Lay associates’ who desire a deeper commitment with the Congregation and who, after a time and a course of specific formation, sign a written contract of association.

“In some places those who are working with us wish to be associated with us. We welcome them with joy, inviting them to share our spirituality and our apostolic life. The conditions of their acceptance and their work are decided at the level of each circumscription. In every case there is a written agreement” (SRL 24.3).

Joining the Spiritans

Joining the Spiritans means pursuing a vocation that gives back to the world what God has first given you. It means listening to the Spirit within you and turning your life over to God so you can serve others by sharing the Gospel. 

In Uganda we have over 60 lay Spiritan associates

To learn more about becoming a Spiritan priest, brother or Lay Associate, contact us;

Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Uganda

P.O. Box 3175, Kampala-Uganda