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Prayer by Poullart des Places to the Most Holy Trinity


Most Holy and adorable Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whom I adore through Your holy grace with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength, allow me to offer You most humbly my small prayers, for Your greater honor and glory, for my sanctification, for the remission of my sins, the conversion of my father, mother and my sister, my cousin, all my relatives, friends, enemies, benefactors, and in general for all, alive and dead, for whom I am bound to pray.

Permit me, O my God, to offer You the Holy Sacrifice of Mass for the same intention and in order that it may please You to grant me faith, humility, chastity, purity of intention, rectitude of my judgments. Great trust in You, a great distrust in myself, constancy in doing good, final perseverance, sorrow for my sins, love of sufferings and the Cross, contempt for the world’s opinion, regularity in the observance of my little rules, Your strength and power against lukewarmness, against human respect and generally against all Your enemies.

Grant me also the favor, O my God, to imprint in my heart by the indelible darts of Your grace, the death and passion of my Jesus, His holy life and holy Incarnation. May I thereby always remember them and be affected by them as I should through Christ our Lord. Amen